A word from our most precious sponsors:

A mother’s day message from your littlest one.

I love you so much.

My favorite events of the day are when you and I make eye contact and you touch me tenderly in that way that only you can do. I love to hear your voice and will do my best to repeat your sounds back to you. It helps when you repeat my sounds back to me.

I love sharing our joy in each other.

I don’t care if you can’t carry a tune, I love to hear you sing and read. The sound relaxes me and you. I’ll serenade you too with my version of the sounds in my environment.

I live for your praise.

I’m ready for you to name things in my view and I’ll even look at books when you point to the pictures. By the time I am walking I enjoy hearing about the day’s activities too. I will follow one simple direction, listen to your stories, nursery rhymes and I’ll sing and dance along with you as best I can. Soon I will point to the pictures myself when you name the people and objects that I like the most. I’ll even sit right next to you, working hard on my own while you work on whatever that is that you do.

By two years old, if you’ll say the words often enough, I’ll learn to name foods, toys, my own body parts. I love a good puzzle and find plenty of them in all those amazing household objects you don’t expect me to touch.

Now I am trying to do so much that frustration is a close-by companion because I want my independence so much. Don’t get discouraged or exasperated too often. I need your patience more than ever. Just help me out. If I want to take the book and sit with it myself it doesn’t mean I have fired you as my favorite reader. I still need to hear you read all those new words and interesting cadences even when I wander off and act like I’m not listening. And, please, don’t stop singing and dancing and clapping with me.

By two and a half we can have all kinds of fun together. Keep explaining the world to me with the words I need to compare colors, shapes, all those pictures in books, other people’s stuff, and all those other messy things I enjoy so much. I’m ready for crayons, paints and clay even if you’re not.

Please keep reading to me and let me take close looks at everything. I’m really enjoying simple stories now and can even hold the book and tell them myself with my own adorable explanations. Encourage my imagination.

Mom, you are doing a great job! Please know that you are my first and best teacher in the whole wide world and always will be. I adore you to the moon and back. Happy Mother’s Day!