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Reading Solutions – July 2018

Read a Book, Change a Life What’s so great about reading in the summer? For starters, reading is a low cost activity that can be done almost anywhere. Books take us on vacations even if we can’t physically get away. When we do travel stories drive off the boredom of long waits and tedious journeys….

The Children’s Reading Alliance (formerly under the name The Children’s Reading Foundation of Doña Ana County) focuses on advancing children’s literacy in Doña Ana County. Because it has been proven that reading daily with children and having books in the home leads to success in school, we promote the message “Read with a child every day” and support programs designed to place books in the hands of families. Please visit the program page for more information. 

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Raising Readers
Raising Readers
Raising Readers

Read with a child 20 minutes a day

A child learns to read through music, song, and play

You can read to a child anywhere….be creative

Be your child's first teacher -- read together

We are raising readers