Become a Reading Buddy

It's Fun!

CRA Reading Buddy 2024

Reading Buddies are caring community members who support literacy and
foster a love of books among beginning readers. Reading Buddies are not
tutors. They are mentors who share their own joy of reading with children.
This simple act creates positive, enriching experiences which, in turn, promote
reading skills and academic success.

A Reading Buddy commits a small portion of time each week to read with a
struggling elementary school student.

Does this sound like you?

Community members of all ages are invited to learn more by contacting Jan Reed.

Why this works:

Personalized attention and support significantly boost a child’s confidence
and academic performance. Exposure to diverse reading materials
broadens their horizons and stimulates their imaginations. Students
receive all the books they read which enables them to build their own
home library.

How to Get Involved:

We are currently seeking enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about
making a positive impact on a young learner’s Ife. Interested individuals can
apply by contacting Jan Reed. jgreed31@

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