You are your child's first teacher

For parents to succeed in the role as ones who help prepare their children to enter kindergarten – as their children’s teachers, it is important for them to know how children learn and develop, to learn how talking, playing and reading with children develops skills and, finally, to understand the skill requirements for beginning kindergarten. Since it began in 2012, over 1,100 families have earned certificates from the First Teacher/Primer Maestro™ program.

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What's included:

Week One: Counting and Numbers 

Books Included: Goodnight Gorilla, A Feast for 10, Ten Little Puppies

Toys Included: See Inside Puzzle, Plastic Numbers

Week Two: Shapes, Colors, Rhymes

Books Included: Bear in a Square, Siesta, Maria Had a Little Llama

Toys Included: Beach Ball, Foam Shapes

Week Three: First Name, Capital Letters

Books Included: Healthy Foods From A – Z, It’s OK to Be Different, I Need A Hug

Toys Included: Alphabet Arc, Magnetic Letters, Play-Dough

Week Four: Alphabet, Lowercase Letters

Books Included: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Lola Loves Stories

Toys Included: Alphabet Train Puzzle, Alphabet Arc, Magnetic Letters

Week Five: Sorting, Patterns, Prepositions

Books Included: Big Dog…Small Dog, Taking a Walk, Baby Rattlesnake

Toys Included: Counting Bears

Week Six: More and Less

Books Included: Billy Bully, Bossy Gallito, Hello Ocean

Toys Included: Dice, Number Train Puzzle

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