June 8th 2013

The Read UP! Program will be initiated in Doña Ana County for the first time this summer.  Under the auspices of the National Children’s Reading Foundation and IAL Grant, thousands of books will be distributed across the county to children, ages 0-8.  Teachers, volunteers, librarians and child care workers will read to the children, share simple strategies with families for eight weeks.   Each child a receives a free book, and the parent will receive a small gift with the reminder to “read 20 minutes a day with their child”.  Our Kick off event will be at Community Action Agency, June 15th, 10am to 2pm.  The address is 3880 Foothills Rd, Suite A, (575) 527-9028.  Volunteers will be reading to children, passing out their first free book, and gift, and signing up families for the program.  Other agencies will be available that provide services to families.