Reading Solution – February 2015

One of the real pleasures of writing this column is learning what others are doing to promote opportunity and educational advancement for everyone. Some people work alone and are largely unnoticed beyond the scope of their work. Others have learned to harness the power of partnerships. Some people imagine new ways of using community resources and others know how to access the right networks.

Reading Solution – January 2015

Early on, writing belonged only to rulers, clerics, and scribes. This extraordinary power was greater than memory for storing, sharing and archiving information. By the time of Cicero, The Roman Empire used writing technology to send precise, detailed messages over long distances. Businessmen and scientists could communicate with each other, but the general public still depended on criers for their news.

Reading Solution: December 2014

Perhaps you have heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Today we will explore how wordless books generate tens of thousands of words that flow from surprisingly entertaining books…

Reading Solution: November

Purposeful Play The national buzz in education now focuses on school before kindergarten. My question is, “Who gets to frame this conversation?” The effect of politics in our schools seems…