June 8th 2013

In October, 2012, the National Children’s Reading Foundation received a substantial IAL grant from the Department of Education.  The 2-year grant, was distributed among 8 CRF chapters throughout the United States and The Children’s Reading Foundation of DAC was one of the chapters selected.  The money from this grant will enable The CRF of DAC to offer the Ready! for Kindergarten program to 250 families throughout the County and to give away 49,941 books to children this summer through the Read UP Program.

The RFK classes and book distributions involve the families and children within the Hatch School District, the Las Cruces Public Schools and the Gadsden Independent School District.  Teachers have been trained in all three areas and RFK classes have begun in the GISD and will begin soon in Hatch and Las Cruces.

If you are a parent (or know of a parent) with a child between the ages of 0-5 and are interested in participating in the Ready! for Kindergarten classes, or if you would like for your child (ages 0-8) to receive 8 brand new books this summer or if you would like to volunteer for the Read UP Program in June and July, please contact Trudy Gallegos at trudygg@gmail.com or call her at 575-312-6262.